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Port Townsend Film Festival Part 4
Text courtesy of the Port Townsend Film Festival

Dawn Logsdon and Lucie Faulknor (Faubourg Treme) (Director, Producer)

     Faubourg Tremé is a tale of hope, heartbreak and resiliency set in New Orleans’ most fascinating neighborhood. Shot largely before Hurricane Katrina and edited afterwards, the film is both celebratory and elegiac in tone. Faubourg Tremé is arguably the oldest black neighborhood in America, the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement in the South and the home of jazz. While the Tremé district was damaged when the levees broke, this is not another Katrina documentary. Every frame is a tribute to what African American communities have contributed even under the most hostile of conditions.. It is a film of such effortless intimacy, subtle glances and authentic details that only two native New Orleanians could have made it. 

Rachel Earnest, Alana Kearns-Green and Hannah Reilly-Kiefer (Le Retour) (Writer, Director, Actress, Assistant Director) 

     Have you experienced the bittersweet feeling of leaving an exotic place and returning to the more mundane, familiar world of home? Le Retour explores a girl’s difficulty re-adjusting to her Orange County existence after life-changing months studying in France. 

Beck Peacock and Carol Pharo (Petals: Journey Into Self Discovery) (Director, Producer) 

     The reactions of sex educators, health professionals, art critics, female participants in the project as they confront a mystery of womanhood—her vulva. A varied range of exquisitely presented images deeply touches viewers with both profound awe and a newly discovered sense of beauty. The result for the viewer is an enlightened and deeply felt set of personal responses to this culturally-forbidden discussion. Advisory: graphic sexual imagery.

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