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European-American Topics - Sports - All Nations Cup 2007

Another Successful All Nations Cup to Become a Northwest Tradition?
By Megan Clark
Posted August 4, 2007 

     Two teams from the All Nations Cup remained at the top on July 29. Brazil and Russia met at Memorial Stadium with their cleats laced up and their shin guards secured; they were ready to play. After 90 minutes and a few red cards later, Brazil came out victorious over last year’s champions, 4-1. It was just the icing on the cake for the All Nations Cup 2007; a smooth finish to a great festival and intense soccer tournament.  

     It all started on July 13 when over 40 teams gathered for the opening ceremony. Two weeks later, the All Nations Cup proved itself by giving the community an entertaining place to gather with friends, eat great food, and watch competitive soccer. The festival aspect only enhanced the experience of going to watch the soccer matches. For the first time this year fans and community members were treated with the opportunity to view an art exhibit, which included work from the Northwest that represented several nations. People were also able to listen to musical influences from around the world as they strolled in between the four fields of play, while savoring the delicious food that was offered. Another highlighted feature of the festival was the theater piece, “Women Can’t Play”, which showed the role of women in soccer in various countries. 

     Overall this year’s Cup was a success. It combined cultures from around the world, giving rise to an enjoyable atmosphere. The All Nations Cup director, Jessica Breznau, isn’t entirely sure about the direction for next year. “We are still getting feedback from managers and fans about this year's All Nations Cup … We are still so overwhelmed with the enormity of this year's event,” said Breznau. Although by looking at how much the All Nations Cup has grown in just five years, it’s certainly on the way to becoming a Northwest tradition.  

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