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Clowns Against War: Cawing for cause

By Noelle Rivera
Posted April 8, 2007

Clowns Against War—a global movement established by the notorious German clown Hacki Ginda—promotes world peace through the art of comedy. Their mantra is the acronym C.A.W. and Ginda is determined to get the whole world cawing.

“We think crows are pretty intelligent, just like people, and we think they all could be clowns at heart,” said Ginda.

Clowns Against War was created a year ago to prevent devastation and detestation that currently consumes the world. During the Afghanistan and Yugoslavian war, the performer of 21 years, was constantly requested in sole purpose of relieving survivors after the annihilation. To Ginda this didn’t seem sensible—instead of relieving pain, he wanted to prevent it.

“The world of clowns has access to everyone. A group of us can be walking down the street and everyone, no matter who you are, would look and smile,” said Ginda.

Ginda emphasized the importance of laughter as a universal language-- people who don’t speak the same language, practice the same religion, possess the same beliefs-- all contain the ability to laugh. He anticipates that if clowns can make the world happy, war would decease.

The Manifesto 

I.                    Clowns are against war as a means of solving disagreements between people or nations. Clowns are FOR negotiations, conducted by the best negotiators available, to resolve disagreements between people and nations without violence.

II.                 Clowns are AGAINST racism, sexism, and discrimination. Clowns are FOR respecting humanity, every living thing, and out home—the earth. This common humanity of all people is demonstrated in out shared sense of humor and shared desire for happiness. Clowns recognize the ability to open people’s hearts and minds with laughter. Laughter is the real language of understanding among all individuals. Clowns believe laughter is a key to true love.

III.               Clowns are AGAINST the manipulation of the truth for immoral, divisive purposes. Clowns are FOR the acknowledgement of the sacred nature of every individual and of our environment. Clowns are for universal justice, liberty and equal treatment for all individuals.

IV.              Clowns believe that people who laugh together will not wish to kill or harm one another.

V.                 Clowns have always had the right to speak truth to power, without fear of reprisal, since ancient times. We declare that this right should never be extinguished.

VI.              Clowns believe that every human person is a clown at heart and therefore, through our shared collective conscientiousness, each of us believes deeply in playfulness and the desire to have fun together.  

Seattle’s Moisture Festival

The first official Clowns Against War meeting occurred at the Fourth Annual Moisture Festival Comedy/Varieté show on March 26. Ten acts from acrobats to tap dancers had the diverse crowd roaring with laughter. In between performances Ginda would drop the act and speak sincerely to the audience. He emphasized the importance of world peace and how laughter is essential in promoting this idea.

To close the show Ginda underlined the importance of loving ones neighbor. He had the entire audience stand up and solemnly swear never to kill a soul; then had everyone caw to reveal their approval.

In his futuristic mind-set, Ginda hopes there will be a day when there are plastic cards—similar to credit cards with no monetary value—that anyone could use when they’re feeling enraged or dispirited. Located on the card will be an emergency number that could cheer anyone up, and discourage destruction.

Presently performing across the globe, Ginda will take his movement everywhere in hopes of gaining a plethora of followers.

“It can’t go on for just a day, you have to live a life like that,” said Ginda.




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