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UK's Adele makes her debut at Seattle’s Triple Door
Asli Omur

Posted May 29, 2008





Last night, rising British star Adele made her Seattle debut at the Triple Door. She opened the hour show with Daydreamer spotlighting her smoky vocals and humble stage presence.

She was the featured iTunes New Artist selection three weeks ago in lieu of her U.S debut in New York City and recent single Cold Shoulder from her album 19. She has been garnering praise the world over for her unpretentious demeanor and powerhouse vocals. Cheryl Libby and Sherry Walderr came all the way from Puyallup to attend the concert. “She is so soulful, so unique,” said Libby. “So many UK bands and singers are coming out, we wish we had some [current US artists] of the same caliber,” added Walderr.

Adele switched between electric and classic guitars, with no help from backup singers or her complete band, which could not make it to Seattle with her. Instead she was accompanied by a lone guitarist and bass player that only joined her in a couple of songs. Her ripe and unfettered sound was hypnotic and harked back to old time rhythm and blues. Her lyrics are thoughtful, poetic and beyond her years, like “There ain’t no room in my bed/ as far as I’m concerned,” “I’m the only one in love,” or “You grace me with your cold shoulder.” Swigs of funky guitar riffs and gospel-y rhythm and blues only add to her appeal.

She continued her set with Right as Rain, which she claims is a song to make “you feel better when it is all rubbish.” Hometown Glory, a song only released in the U.S and Canada, Cold Shoulder, Chasing Pavements and covers from Etta James and Sam Cook added to her repertoire.

She is only slightly comparable to UK stars like Amy Winehouse and fellow up and comers, Duffy and Leona Lewis, even Alicia Keys but the similarity does her no justice. Indeed, she is more rightly comparable to greats like Etta James, Patti LaBelle or Dusty Springfield with a modern twist of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. She cites James and Springfield as mentors, but admitted recently that the Spice Girls were her girlhood crush and inspiration, performing to their songs in her living room using her parents as an audience. She claims to still love them.

            Best friends Taaisha Finklea and Jen Saechao fell in love with Adele’s music and were determined to make it to the concert. “She is really bluesy but modern. I play her songs at work every day,” said Finklea. “She is very old school. That is why I love her. She is in her own category,” Saechao interjected. 

Adele said a shy, “Thank you” and “Its lovely to be here,” in her North London accent, between songs leading to riotous applause and screaming bouts of “We love you!” from audience members. She responded by saying “You are a good screamer.” The 19-year-old songstress was humorous and friendly with the crowd, cracking jokes and sipping a Corona beer, even flashing a smile my way in the middle of Right as Rain.

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