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It's all Greek to me!

By Kregg P.J. Jorgenson
Posted September 27, 2006



  Crime was down recently in the nationís capital but then I found out that Congress was in recess and although that just may be a coincidence itís still too early to tell if the two are in somehow related.

  A funny thing our democracy, we say we donít want European style governments and yet we elect seemingly well meaning people who sometimes end up sounding or even acting like spoiled royalty, despots or petty dictators anyway. Of course, as Americans we can eventually vote them out of office but sometimes not until long after they have caused their damage.

  I think the ancient Greeks had the right idea.  In 500 B.C. after tossing out the dictator Phipias in the city-state of Athens the people came up with an interesting and unique solution for keeping bad politicians and their policies from hurting them further.

  Their plan was this. With just 6,000 votes the people could exile any political figure they believed might do them harm in the future. The key word here is Ďmight.í That reasoning, along with the votes was all that was required to send the politcos packing for a period ofÖget this, ten years.

  Okay, so letís just pause and think about this for a momentÖthe people could vote to exile any political figure who might do them harm for ten years? Hmm?  Any politicianÖ 

  A hack idea? Who knows? Itís all Greek to me anyway but then so is democracy so maybe itís worth a closer look.