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European-American Topics - Editorial - Cyprus

Another solution for Cyprus

By Demetrios Reginiotis
Posted July 28, 2006

I have given it some consideration since some time ago and have come to the conclusion that it is like trying to mix water with oil.

In Northern Greece, in the area of Thrace there is a Greek Community of Turkish descendants. A couple of months ago  an episode took place related to offering a governmental position to a lady ­ Gul Karahassan--  of Turkish decent in a proposition of George Papandreou, the leader of the other major in power political party in Greece.  That was en effort to ease the tensions between the two communities and promote respect for all ethnic minorities that live in Greece.

Then most of the Greeks rejected the idea of offering this position to that person with the Turkish name.

For this Turkish descent minority in Thrace it is probably impossible to be accepted as a Greek community by the rest of Greeks.

Very few things are common between the two peoples. But especially the different religion and language and the harsh memories from the long past occupation of the Greeks by the Turks make it too hard to bridge the differences between the two peoples.

Now my mind is revolving around the Cyprus problem, and I see that the same differences that exist there will never make the same two peoples find a common ground for the suffered Island and accept a common leadership.

Simply because this leadership will always favor the Greek-Cypriots as the majority of the Island.

It seems as impossible as mixing oil and water.

And even, if we shook it a lot soon it would get separated again.

What I am trying to say is that I canšt see a viable solution for a unification of the two communities.

All these truths made me see a different solution for the Cyprus problem.

What I see as the most viable and logical solution is the unification of the Northern part of Cyprus that is the Turkish-Cypriot with Turkey and make it a Federation.

I also see the unification of the rest of Cyprus, the Greek-Cypriot part, with Greece and make it a Federation, too.

Then it would be urgent and so speed up the entrance of Turkey into the European Union. This must happen within the next 2 to 3 years.

First reason: This way the two divided parts of Cyprus will be able to get united under the European Union's umbrella. Both populations would have European passports to go wherever they'd like to live.

Second reason: This solution would ease the tension between the two countries, Greece and Turkey to the minimum, maybe even eliminate the tension and develop a lasting friendship based on exchange of goods and businesses. This would happen because Turks and Greeks are close neighbors who would be able to travel to both countries as it was one common place.

Therefore, under these conditions Turkey must accept all European policies and rules in order to become an equal member of the Union. Absolutely no egos! Turks must understand that European Union is not just a "Business Union" ... but an evolving Federation with all its members having equal rights and responsibilities.

Thus requireing  all members to be serious and even love to get united with the rest of the Continent!
Europe cannot play games with the "particular ethnic pride" of some nations.

The same rules should apply to all its members that already exist as well as to those that will join the Union eventually.

The main focus should be on how to make peoples live easier and not to satisfy national prides and the leaders' egos and often false ambitions because these nations will no longer be nations after the total unification of the European Continent.

This may include Russia and other former Soviet Republics.

Think Big!



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