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European-American Topics - Culture - Moisture Festival 08

Opening Night at the Moisture Festival
Review by Elena Goukassian

Posted April 1, 2008


          The Moisture Festival! Where else could you possibly see a German cowboy singing and tap-dancing while playing the drum and a washboard necktie, all perfectly synchronized? From mimes to drunk opera singers to trapeze artists, the Moisture Festival has everything you could possibly want from a variety show. And that was just opening night.  

            Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Moisture Festival opened on March 27 and continues through April 13 at Hale’s Palladium, with a burlesque component at A Contemporary Theatre. The Festival invites local as well as international entertainers to perform the strangest and most extraordinary routines. Among them, Iman Lizarazu, a French mime who takes off her jacket and hat, only to fall in love with the coat rack she hung them on. There were Moppi and Hacki Ginda, German mimes who flick chest hair at each other and at the audience and go fishing only to catch babies.  

            One of my personal favorites was Godfrey Daniels, who dressed as a large ridiculous puppet with very long arms. His whole act consisted of him throwing and catching a big red ball, but for some reason, probably because it is so simple, it was very entertaining. The expressive costume and the way he floated around with those lanky arms reaching for the ball made him a really likable character. Or, maybe I just have a fondness for puppets.

Godfrey Daniels


            The act that caused the biggest stir in the audience, though, was the Zipcode Man. Tell this man a zip code, and he will not only give you its location, but also what the best place to eat there is. He identified tiny towns in North Dakota, suburbs in Chicago, even cities internationally. The only one he couldn’t get was somewhere in Japan, but it seemed like the person who told him the code wasn’t too sure about it anyway. At intermission, more people quizzed him, including myself, thinking he could have been bluffing. He wasn’t. He got Montpellier, France (34096) and even Sofia, Bulgaria (1756) right away.  

            The show ended on a high note, with the Aerialistas acrobatically twisting, turning, and hanging every which way from hoops suspended from the ceiling. Opening night was a great success. Everyone in attendance laughed, sang along, and enjoyed some beer and free appetizers. What a great way to kick off the Moisture Festival.


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