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European-American Topics - Cinema - Iceberg

By Caroline Planque
Posted July 16, 2007


    A modest and refreshing story about a woman’s aspirations and dreams away from her daily life, husband, and kids. L’Iceberg reminds us that too often, we let ourselves be swallowed by the routine of our lives. Directed by Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, and Bruno Romy, this Belgian feature takes us from the suburbs of Brussels to the coastal village of Barfleur in Normandy as we follow the steps of Fiona, a fast-food restaurant manager, whose life changes forever after she locks herself accidentally one night in the walk-in fridge of her restaurant. Her wake-up call occurs the next morning as she realizes upon getting home that neither her husband nor her children ever noticed she was missing. She then decides to leave and embark on a quest to bring a greater meaning to her life, altering forever the lives of her loved ones.

    Fiona Gordon, one of the directors, as well as the main actress, won the audience award for best actress at the 2006 Seattle International Film Festival.

    Highly poetic and colorful, L’Iceberg  borrows from both the mime Marcel Marceau and Jacques Tati’s style, offering a unique comedy with a twist of melancholy as we watch the characters suddenly fighting to reclaim a part of themselves they had forgotten.

    L’Iceberg opened on July 13, 2007 at the Northwest Film Forum and is to be followed on July 18 by a retrospective of Jacques Tati’s films through August 16. For more information:



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