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European-American Topics - Cinema - The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid by Claude Chabrol

By Caroline Planque

Posted October 26, 2006

Set in a small provincial town in the Loire Atlantique region, near the city of Nantes, Claude Chabrol’s latest thriller spins the lives of an unlikely couple into an unexpected drama. Philippe, a well composed young man, bears it all on his shoulders and holds his single mother’s family together: he is the son, father, and brother, as well as a perfect employee. On the day of his sister’s wedding, he meets the mysterious Senta and his all too predictable life suddenly collapses. Drawn to her like a moth to a light, he soon realizes where his love for her is taking them both and is faced by a dilemma between morals and love where there cannot be any compromise.  

A typical Chabrol movie in which the seemingly most normal people reveal the most abnormal behaviors. The French director excels at reminding of the darkness laying dormant inside of us, waiting to be triggered by a random encounter.



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