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My Post-Bumbershoot Blog, Part V
By Erik Schultz
Videos by Erik Schultz
Posted September 11, 2008

Here is the last installment of Bumbershoot 2008. Enjoy!


     Suzanne Morrison visited Bali for a two-month yoga retreat and came back with one of the most hilarious and amazing one-woman shows we have seen. The show is directed by Jean-Michele Gregory. Her site tells us that Yoga Bitch offers an irreverent glimpse at what can go wrong on the road to enlightenment. What more can we say? Her show has been picked up to run at the ReBar through October. Suzanne is going to be staying very busy with a book version of Yoga Bitch along with a new show and some other writings. This Seattle girl has performed Yoga Bitch in London and does not look like she will slow down.




Tyrone is in this for the music but that has finally paid off. After releasing five records paid for out of his own wallet, he finally got the contract offer that so many musicians dream about. His record, Hold On, was re-released on a major label. He has just finished recording is next full length which should hit sometime in the new year. Among the many collaborators he has worked with, one has a special place in his heart. That is his wife, Elina. Tyrone helps write songs for her debut record and she is working on a follow-up. They co-wrote a track on Tyrone's current album. Wells has kept busy over the years. His previous band Skypark had great success but now Wells is taking on the music world by himself. He keeps a balance schedule between full band dates and solo dates.



     Their name comes from Forro, which is a type of dance and music that's been popular in Brazil for over 100 years. This is very fitting since their music ensures a feel good dance party. These

four Brazilian New Yorkers are serious about making sure their shows feel like a global dance party. Their bio states that their 'forró-inspired beats conjure a sonic atmosphere that draws today's jazz aficionados and techno-loving club goers onto the dance floor together.' What more do you need?

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