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My Post-Bumbershoot Blog, Part III
By Erik Schultz
Videos by Erik Schultz
Posted September 5, 2008

And more stuff from Bumbershoot 08! Keep checking back!


     Beehive is the Seattle Rocktronica duo that you need to see. I mean, you need to check them out. Do it now! Two worlds collide when Bufferfly Beats opens her laptops beginning the backbone of Beehive and David Miller busts out his rocking arena guitar riffs. Both of them deliver the vocals to what the Seattle Weekly has called "Seattle's most exciting Pop.Indie.Electro duo." Last year produced the release of Pretty Little Thieves which has earned Beehive national radio play. Performing at Bumbershoot has been a goal of Beehive throughout their music careers and the day has finally come.  




     Mariqueen is the vocal beauty of West Indian Girl. Beyond being an outstanding vocalist, Mariqueen enjoys the occasional modeling opportunity. Sometimes as the face of West Indian Girl and others just as herself. She has graced the pages of Warning and Harp magazines. Her style is one to be praised and her calming attitude makes you feel like best friends.



My Post-Bumbershoot Blog, Part II
By Erik Schultz
Videos by Erik Schultz
Posted September 4, 2008

Here is more awesome stuff from Bumbershoot 08, and more to come! Keep checking back!


     Kaz from PWRFL Power is a soft spoken musical powerhouse. Currently living in Brooklyn, Kaz once called the great Seattle area home, where he was hailed as one of the top music acts to watch out for. The nation got a hint of Kaz when he was featured in one of those awesome animated Esurance commercial. You should check it out on YouTube after watching the below video. It is a great commercial. Kazutaka Nomura was born to an architect and a calligrapher in Hokkaido, Japan. Kaz studied Classical and Jazz guitar and then when he moved to Seattle at age 18, began college studying musical composition. With his schooling in music and his desire to write simple songs, PWRFL Power is set to take the indie world by storm. 



     Hannibal has been featured on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and just aired his first standup special on Comedy Central last month. Late in September he will be recording a special that will be shopped around to festivals. What I love most about Hannibal is that when his set is over, he goes out and supports his fellow comedians. Comedy has a true community that is missing in some of the other area of arts. I feel honored to meet the "Funniest man in Chicago," which is a title that he doesn't take too seriously but you have got to think it is fun to have that title. After talking with Hannibal I think Time Out Chicago got it right. Hannibal is the funniest man, that I know of, from Chicago.



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